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Peace Weavers

weaving peace together

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Peace Weavers Vision

Israeli and Palestinian medicine women, who see themselves as sisters of one nation, are gathering together to hold ceremonies for all to pray for peace.  They will make pilgrimages to ancient megalithic sites in Israel, Europe and England being joined by Iranian, Lakota, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon indigenous humans with more people joining each day as we all open our arms to walk, sing and pray each other home to peace.


There are many threads to the tapestry of peace we weave together. The thread that inspired this vision is a pilgrimage which begins in the New Forest, the ancestral arrival place of pilgrims from other lands or arriving home. They will perform sacred spring purification rituals at a holy well  in the forest.  The woman will then travel onto StoneHenge and hold a peace vigil over the shortest darkness at the summer solstice. Beholding the splendour of a new dawn together, they will continue the journey through the longest day, to West Kennet long barrow to honour the dead and what is ready to die and fuse it with our innate longing to cherish and celebrate life. We will then call in what is ready to be born.


From there walking the ancient route to Avebury womb circle to bring the called in seeded eggs to the ancient structure of creation for what wants to be born to implant. Then onto Glastonbury where they will be met by many more peace weavers to co-create ceremonies at this spiritual heart centre of England.  Here with fire circles and water ceremonies they will arrive at an ancient peace stone, which traditionally was used as a meeting place for reconciliation of warring tribes.


There are already many aligning threads weaving peace into this tapestry. Each thread as a vital story worthy of sharing with everyone. Join us by weaving  your threads of your peace into this journey with us To begin we will have a blog which highlights the pilgrimage and aligned stories which are central to this peace weaving and post on the Facebook group, linked below. We invite you to share on the Facebook group with the aim of weaving some of the stories into the blog.

We will also have a map which can show your location for any contribution of time, energy, event or money to support these beautiful and powerful peace ceremonies.

The Pain

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The healing

With your financial support we will weave a peaceful vision. 

Tune in to a better story. A story of coming together in a time of great division. A story of healing wounds and the power of connection. A collective evolution. A true story of Israeli and Palestinian women joining in hand and heart as they walk, pray, sing, grieve and rejoice and in so doing bring us all closer together.

All the money raised will enable us to fly the Israeli and Palestinian women over to England. It will also go towards accommodation transportation, the building of the website and administration of the project. Most importantly it will go towards funding more peace weaving events around the world. 

Supporting Peace weavers is easy to learn more about our vision and make a donation visit:

We greatly appreciate your support in making this vision of peace a reality.

Richard and Avi

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Possibly  the most important project of all time.

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