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Nadi Landing: Interconnection
27th August – 1st September
Damanhur, Italy

Inter Connection ~ a state of being connected reciprocally


This August we will gather at the intentional community of Damanhur near Turin in Italy. The aim of Nadi Landing is to deeply explore ways to expand and activate human potential, in community. The central theme is Inter Connection. 

The six day gathering will include workshops covering common connections,  human potential and synchronicity as well as exploration into sound, crystal and labyrinth technology.  We also continue our commitment to learn from and record ancient wisdom. Our friends the Apazas who are Peruvian paqos (wisdom shamans) from the Andes, will share their cosmovision and ceremonies.

As always the programme also includes daily Kundalini practice, a powerful practice for awareness, alignment and clear mindedness. In this way we create a strong inner anchor that supports the work during the event.

We also invite you to bring your own vision or project to the group. During Nadi Landing we will make space to interchange resources, ideas and birth new networks which can then be nurtured going forward.

Finally we also create an open space for a common group vision to manifest. The aims is to augment the work we do towards a conscious collective existence.

And as joyful synchronicity would have it 31st August is also Damanhur’s New Year called Stellar Hawk! We will be surrounded by the spirit of celebration, of new beginnings and will be sharing some time with spiritual-doers from around the world.

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