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Supporting new farming communities in the UK

At a time when food prices are higher than ever and access to locally grown 'whole' foods is limited and expensive, EcoMingling is working to create a network of local agriculture in the UK. Our intention is to bring together the different farming communities and support the brave people living on the land, bringing up children on the land, and farming the land in ways that are more in harmony with nature and the local environment. Our aim is to create a network where they can share information and produce with each other.  At the same time, we will be bringing their story and products into the cities that surround them.


Crops not shops' mission is to inspire people towards a more conscious and self-sufficient lifestyle. To transform land, gardens and green spaces everywhere into thriving ecosystems of biodiversity and organic food productivity. To educate and empower people to look after our earth and preserve life to the best of our ability for 7 generations to come; and to co-create a global, fair, free food sharing network built on love and caring.

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