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About Us.

Ecomingling aims to revolutionize the way we interact with sustainability by birding its gaps and empowering its advocates to achieve change that benefits every stakeholder.

We bring an element of pragmatism that serves as a launching pad for sustainable ideas and passions. We help each of our partners and turn their ideas into reality – building coalitions by finding common ground that allows their ideas to grow and bear fruit.

Sometimes, it takes just one person to believe in your brilliant idea to make it revolutionize the world. Our talent is that we see the bigger picture. By connecting initiatives and organizations working towards the same goal with the necessary resources, we can increase the efficiency and impact of the sustainability sector in Israel and abroad.


The Why

Brilliant ideas derive from connecting the dots. However, before we can help people to be brilliant, we need to be objective and understand what is currently happening today. Humankind is going down an unsustainable path. Our impact upon planet earth, for good and for ill, is well documented. It is no accident that geologists are asking themselves if we currently live in the age of man. While this assessment is the result of seeing our negative impact upon mother earth, we are brilliant not because we destroy, but because we create.

Pursuing change can be difficult. Sometimes, it might seem that while we speak the same language, we do not truly understand one another. EcoMingling aims to change that by birding the gap between different stakeholders. Communication is how innovation and brilliance can be shared and transform reality for the better, and we can already hear the brilliant voices within society. It is by empowering them through the creation of coalitions that we can make brilliance shine.

The How

Ecomingling is the Sustainability Accelerator. We aim to unite different stakeholders from different backgrounds and create the right conditions for sustainable change. By creating the right infrastructure for brilliance to shine, we can help make the world a better place.

The sustainability sector is greater than the sum of its parts, and it is only by creating and assisting coalitions that we can contribute to positive change. We help stakeholders by connecting them and help them share ideas in a positive environment, which incentivizes collaboration to achieve common goals.


The Team


Richard Cohen


Benjamin Hofmann


Alexander J. Klein

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